Perfectly Pinteresting



And have you heard all those bloggers talking about how Pinterest is the cat’s pajamas for blog traffic?

Well, are you seeing any of that?

What if I told you that your lackluster Pinterest results are a lot less about YOU and a lot more about your STRATEGY?

Maybe you’re pinning already and the results are…ehh.

  • You’ve got boards…but are they the right boards?
  • You’ve got pins…but they’re not looking so hot.
  • Your analytics make it seem like Pinterest might be laughing at you.
  • (Wait? What analytics? I don’t even have that on my account!)
  • People just don’t repin your darn pins.

Or maybe you haven’t even started pinning yet…

  • You’ve got 950,000 things to do for your blog already…how does Pinterest fit in?
  • The idea of creating all of those graphics is scary (Photoshop! Ugh!)
  • You have no idea what you’re supposed to pin. You only have a few blog posts!
  • Starting from scratch just seems…ugh…
  • You heard how many pins you’re supposed to pin a day…who on earth has time for that?

So, what if you had a Pinterest system that drove oodles of traffic to your blog every day.

And what if it did it on autopilot?

Gamechanger, right?

You’re PERFECT for Perfectly Pinteresting if…

#1 – You have a blog, but you don’t get nearly as much traffic as you’d like.

You love your blog and your content is great. But no one is seeing it because your traffic is so low.

#2 – You’ve tried other methods before, and you’re still stuck spinning your wheels.

Maybe you’ve tried to get traffic from Google or Facebook. Maybe you’ve even tried Pinterest already. But you’re just not seeing the results.

#3 – You want to see results, but you don’t have hours to spend on yet another social media site.

You want that traffic, but you’re busy! You can’t spend hours a day sitting on Pinterest.

I want to help you build a Pinterest system that brings in traffic AND takes up a minimal amount of time.

When you’ve got the traffic, you’ve got the readers. The more people who read your blog, the more people will become your loyal fans. And that’s when blogging gets fun.

But you’ve got to get them there first.

Too many people are jumping on Pinterest and treating it like all the other social media platforms.

Hint: it’s not a social media platform.

Pinterest acts much more like Google than it does like Facebook. It’s a search engine, not a social media platform.

Think about it. When you log onto Pinterest are you looking to see what your random friend pinned? Probably not. You’re on there to find something. A dinner recipe. Bathing suit ideas. Whatever. But you’re searching, not following.

And when you realize that, your strategy changes.

So would you like to learn that new strategy?


Perfectly Pinteresting

Perfectly Pinteresting is your step-by-step guide to a Pinterest strategy that works for your blog.

Better Pinterest. Better blog. Better business.

“I already had a Pinterest account but it was growing slowly and I didn’t really get the purpose of it. After Pinterest Pop I almost doubled my followers and I get over 90% of my traffic through Pinterest!””





Learn how to start your Pinterest account off the right way

Learn to set up a business account, get your site verified, and set up rich pins

Learn how to set up the perfect profile

Learn which boards to set up, and how

Learn about the wide world of group boards


Learn all the elements of a great pin

Get a tech tutorial on my favorite graphic design software (no Photoshop required!)

Get access to bonus pin templates!


Learn what Pinterest SEO is and why it’s so important

Learn how to craft a keyword-rich description

Learn where to place keywords for the best results


Learn how and why to automate your Pinterest account

Get tech tutorials on my favorite Pinterest automation tools

Get free trials on both tools!


Learn how to make sure that pinners coming to your blog like what they see

Learn how to get your content shared on Pinterest

Learn how to make sure that your readers follow you on Pinterest


A private Facebook mastermind group exclusively for Perfectly Pinteresting students!
Free Canva pin templates so that you don’t have to start with a blank slate!

Grab it before time runs out…

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What’s the investment?

This system costs $197. And it can revolutionize your blog.

“Pinterest Pop is a great class to help you learn some tricks and tools you can use to make your Pinterest ‘POP’.”


“Pinterest Pop is a clear, concise Pinterest course that also teaches the tech for Tailwind, BoardBooster and Canva. A pleasure to learn!”


If you want MORE traffic to your blog, using a system that runs on AUTOPILOT, then Perfectly Pinteresting is perfect for you.

You DO have the time to do this!

My autopilot system means you only need to spend a few minutes a week on Pinterest.

You DO have the skills to do this.

You don’t need a graphic design degree to create great pins. And you don’t need to know Photoshop.

This CAN work for your blog.

Pinterest is a great traffic-booster for all kinds of blog. Whatever your niche, it’s probably on Pinterest.

How would it change your business if you had an optimized Pinterest account that brings in loads of traffic to your site every day. All on autopilot.

You could quit worrying about where every click comes from. You could start spending more time writing blog posts, crafting content upgrades, and getting yourself out there. (Or more time sipping wine and watching Netflix. You do you).

When you know where your traffic is coming from, you can sit back, relax, and watch it happen.

I’m Becca, and I created Perfectly Pinteresting to help bloggers realize the full potential of Pinterest…

There’s a lot out there about how to grow your Pinterest account. And that’s all well and good. It’s important. (And we definitely cover it in Perfectly Pinteresting).

But, if that random pinner just clicks over to your blog once, skims the article, and then never returns…what have you really accomplished?

I want to help you optimize your blog so that that pinner does more than just skim the article. She reads the article (because it’s awesome!); she signs up for your email list because you’ve offered her the perfect content upgrade; she shares your pin on her own account; and she becomes a loyal reader and fan who clicks affiliate links and buys products.

It’s possible, with the right strategy.

When I first started using Pinterest I was only focused on the first part–growing my Pinterest account and getting more followers. It took me a while to develop strategies to turn those pinners into loyal fans. But slowly and surely, it’s been working for me. And it can work for you too.

There’s no risk to joining!

I think you’ll love the course, but if you don’t, just email me within 30 days of purchase and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

How does this all work?

As soon as you hit the enroll button, you’ll be able to sign up for a Teachable account.

You’ll be taken to a simple checkout page where you can pay with PayPal or credit card.

Within a few minutes, you’ll get a welcome email from me, with information about the course.

You’ll have instant access to all course materials. You can get started whenever you want!

And if you ever have questions, just email me at ?


When will I get access to the course?

As soon as you enroll you’ll have full access to the entire course.

Do I need to have a Pinterest account already?

Nope. It’s fine if you do (Perfectly Pinteresting will help you revamp it), but it’s totally fine to be starting from scratch. Perfectly Pinteresting has lessons that show you how to start your account from the very beginning.

Do I need to buy a bunch of other stuff?

No. I highly recommend enrolling with Tailwind, but if you choose not to it’s up to you. There are other tools recommended in the course, some of which are paid, but they’re all optional.

Do I need to be on to take the course?

No, but there are some lessons that will apply only to or Squarespace. Pinterest is a separate platform, so it doesn’t matter what platform your site is on. There are, however, a few lessons in Perfectly Pinteresting talk about some ways to optimize your blog for Pinterest. Parts of those lessons will only apply to or Squarespace blogs. If you’re not on, you’ll still benefit from much of the course, but be aware that a few lessons will not apply to you.

In what format is the course delivered?

The course is hosted on Teachable, which makes it super easy to navigate and access. The lessons are a mix of text, slides, and screen-sharing videos. You also get downloadable PDFs to go along with certain lessons. So really, you’ve got it all!

Is this going to require me to learn Photoshop or something scary like that?

No way. If you already know Photoshop, feel free to use it to create your pins. But if you’re a graphic design novice, you’re in the right place. Perfectly Pinteresting teaches you how to make pins using Canva, which is a free and very easy to use software. They even have done-for-you pin templates that you can use (if you want). No Photoshop required at all.

How long will the course take?

It’s up to you. You’ll get access as soon as you enroll and you can start right away (or not, it’s up to you). The course could be completed in a day or two if you want to, but if you want to take longer, that’s totally fine too. It’s entirely up to you.

How long do I have access to the course?

For as long as you’d like. You’ll have access to the course site as long as it remains live (which should be a good long time). If it even gets taken down for any reason, you’ll get advanced notice so that you can go in and download the materials to retain access.

What’s the refund policy again?

You’ve got a 30 day, no questions asked refund. Just email me within 30 days of purchase and you’ll get a 100% refund.

More questions?

Hit me up at and I’ll get back to you ASAP ?